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Robin Sachs (right with Lalla Ward) in Vampire Circus

Robin Sachs (1951 - 2013)

Film Deaths[]

  • Vampire Circus (1972) [Heinrich]: Dies from an simultaneously identical wound to his sister (Lalla Ward) even though he wasn't accidentally hit with the large wooden cross, which she was. (I haven't seen the film myself).
  • Galaxy Quest (1999) [Sarris]: Vaporized when Tim Allen shoots him with an alien blaster, as he emerges gun drawn from a crashed spaceship (Robin was in heavy alien makeup for this role).

Television Deaths[]

Video Game Deaths[]

  • Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic (2003) [Admiral Saul Karath]: Fatally wounded in a boss battle with Raphael Sbarge, Jennifer Hale and the player character. He remains alive long enough to admit the truth about the player to Raphael before dying.
  • Dragon Age: Origins (2009) [Lord Pyral Harrowmont/Murdock]: Should the player allow Wally Wingert to claim the throne, "Harrowmont" will be executed on Wally's orders; however, if Robin claims the throne instead, the epilogue reveals that he later falls ill as a result of a suspected poisoning and dies (off-screen); "Murdock" will be killed by the invading undead and resurrected as a zombie, provided that the player chooses to abandon Redcliffe - otherwise surviving the game should the player decide to stay and fight.
  • Mass Effect 2 (2010) [Zaeed Massani]: As with most of the squad members, Robin can be killed in a number of ways during the suicide mission if certain requirements are not met: he can be killed in shipboard accidents during the approach to the Collector base, shot to death leading a squad, dragged away by the seeker swarms if the wrong biotic is chosen, killed fighting the Collectors if tasked with holding the line, killed off-screen by the Collectors while escorting the Normandy crew, or crushed by falling rubble following the final boss battle. Also, during his loyalty mission, Robin can be allowed to burn to death in the ruins of the oil refinery if the player wishes.
  • Mass Effect 3 (2012) [Zaeed Massani]: Shot dead during a shootout with Lex Lang's captors if the player did not complete his loyalty mission in the previous game. In the event that he survives, Robin can also die in two of the game's endings: (Destroy), in which he and the rest of the surviving cast are wiped out along with the Reapers if not enough war assets have been acquired; (Refusal) in which he is killed by the Reapers, along with all other advanced life-forms in the galaxy.

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