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Robert Wagner in Harper


Robert Wagner dead in Harper

Robert Wagner (1930 -)

Film Deaths[]

  • Halls Of Montezuma (1950) [Coffman]: Killed, off camera when the US forces come under fire from a Japanese rocket attack. He's lying face down next to Martin Milner and when Richard Widmark arrives and turns him over we see head and neck wounds. (Thanks to Brian).
  • What Price Glory? (1952) [Pvt. Lewisohn]: Killed by a German artily while is handing over a prisoner to the rest of the Americans.
  • A Kiss Before Dying (1956) [Bud Corliss]: Hit by a truck and knocked down a quarry when the driver swerves to avoid Virginia Leith. We last see him being pushed off by the truck as Leith watches before Jeffrey Hunter arrives. (Thanks to Mac)
  • The Mountain (1956) [Christopher 'Chris' Teller]: Falls to his death when he tries to cross an ice bridge, after Spencer Tracy had tried to warn him that it wouldn't hold his weight; we hear Robert's scream over a shot of Spencer looking on helplessly. (Thanks to Tony)
  • The True Story of Jesse James (1957) [Jesse James]: Shot from behind by Carl Thayler as Robert is fixing a painting.
  • Harper (1966) [Allan Taggert]: Shot in the back by Arthur Hill just as Robert is about to shoot Paul Newman.
  • The Towering Inferno (1974) [Dan Bigelow]: He and Susan Flannery are trap in a office that is in a tower that has ignited. Wagner tries to escape by using a blanket on his back then his whole back is caught on fire, killing him which causes him to fall out of the building, (Thanks to Michael and JWR)
  • The Concorde-Airport '79 (1979) [Kevin Harrison]: Commits suicide in his office by shooting himself in the head with a handgun, while watching a TV news broadcast in which a reporter (Susan Blakely) is about to expose his illegal weapons sales. (There is an alternate version in which he goes out into a hallway and shoots himself in front of witnesses.) (In both versions, the shooting is off-camera; we only hear the shot.)
  • The Machete Cortez Story (1988) [Pedro Gonzalo]: Beaten to death by Benicio Del Toro (as revenge for the death of Fritz Weaver).
  • Delirious (1991) [Jack Gates]: Playing the "real" Jack Gates in the world of a soap opera, he is killed with a gunshot to the chest by an assassin. He is brought back to life when John Candy, the writer of the soap opera, undoes his death using his now-magic typewriter, thinking Gates is really Robert Wagner (played for comedy).
  • The Fallen Ones (2005) [Morton]: Sacrifices himself when he blows up the dam by shooting a C4 explosive with his shotgun.
  • Netherbeast Incorporated (2007) [Pres. James Garfield]: Dies long after being shot, Bill Lipincott tries to find the bullet in him but cannot. (this comedy film depicts pres. Garfield being a vampire/undead and having a secret.) (I haven't seen this myself, but only read about this film online.)

TV Deaths[]

  • Madam Sin (1972) [Anthony Lawrence]: Poisoned by Catherine Schell, after drinking a cocktail she prepared for him. This is in retaliation for Robert foiling Bette Davis’ (Madam Sin) evil plan to steal a nuclear submarine. Robert collapses on the floor in front of Catherine and dies with his eyes open. Catherine then calls Bette on her car phone and complains that poison didn’t work as quickly as promised.
  • Fatal Error (1999) [Albert Teal]: Suffocates due to huge amounts of calcium building up in his body due to his exposure to David Lewis's virus. He dies as Janine Turner talks to him, and his body is later seen as mummifying as his security looks on.
  • Mystery Woman (2003) [Jack Stenning]: Drugged and then hung by William R. Moses (off-screen) in his study; his body is shown afterwards. (Thanks to Brian).
  • Two and a Half Men: Fish in a Drawer (2008) [Teddy Leopold/Nathan Krunk]: Dies of a heart attack (off-screen); his body is shown afterwards and in flashbacks as CSI investigators try to determine what led to his death.


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