Robert Vaughn in The Magnificent Seven

Robert Vaughn (1932 - 2016)

Film Deaths:Edit

  • Good Day for a Hanging (1959) [Eddie 'The Kid' Campbell]: Shot to death in a shoot-out with Fred MacMurray.
  • The Magnificent Seven (1960) [Lee]: Shot in the chest as he walks out of a farmhouse during the final battle with the bandits.
  • The Spy with My Face (1965) [Napoleon Solo/The Impostor]: (This was a feature film edited from the TV episode The Double Affair.) (Thanks to Garrett)
  • The Bridge at Remagen (1969) [Major Paul Kreuger]: Executed by a firing squad. (Thanks to Garrett)
  • The Woman Hunter (1972) [Jerry Hunter]: Hit with a rock and knocked off of a cliff by Stuart Whitman as Robert is trying to kill Barbara Eden.
  • The Towering Inferno (1974) [Senator Gary Parker]: Falls to his death while trying to prevent the rescue chairlift from overloading. (Thanks to Garrett)
  • Battle Beyond the Stars (1980) [Gelt]: Killed in an explosion when his ship is shot down by John Saxon. (Thanks to Garrett)
  • Virus (Day of Resurrection; Fukkatsu no hi) (1980) [Sen. Barkely] Dies in the oval office of the virus.
  • Kill Castro (Cuba Crossing; Sweet Dirty Tony) (1980) [Hud]: Shot in the chest by Carl Williams in the woods, after Robert shoots Bert Williams.
  • Superman III (1983) [Ross Webster]: Possibly killed (off-camera) in a cave-in when the giant computer explodes. (we don't see him alive after, according to sources, his status is unknown. But I'll list it just in case) (Thanks to Garrett)
  • Black Moon Rising (1986) [Ed Ryland]: Fatally struck down by the speeding titular showcar. 
  • Zombie 5: Killing Birds (Killing Birds: uccelli assassini; Dark Eyes of the Zombie; Raptors) (1987) [Dr. Fred Brown]: Pecked to death/torn apart (off-screen) by a flock of birds; we only hear him screaming. (Thanks to Andrea)
  • C.H.U.D. II: Bud the Chud (1989) [Colonel Masters]: Bitten (off-screen) by a zombie(s) (presumably his fellow zombie officer who drives him); he is shown as a zombie at the end of the movie. (Thanks to Robert)
  • Buried Alive (Edgar Allan Poe's Buried Alive) (1990) [Dr. Gary]: Buried alive when John Carradine pulls him beneath.

Television Deaths:Edit

  • The Man from UNCLE: The Double Affair (1964) [Napoleon Solo/The Impostor]: Playing a dual role as both "Napoleon Solo" and a THRUSH spy, the double is shot to death by Senta Berger while the real one and the double are fighting each other. (Thanks to Garrett)
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