Robert Pine in Charlie's Angels: Bullseye


Robert Pine's death in Charlie's Angels: Bullseye

Robert Pine (1941 - )

Film DeathsEdit

  • Gunpoint (1966) [Mitch" Mitchell]: Shot to death by Warren Stevens, after Audie Murphy warns Warren of Robert's presence. (Thanks to Brian)
  • Empire of the Ants (1977) [Larry Graham]: Killed by a giant ant while he and others are sitting on a raft.
  • Independence Day (1996) [Glenn Parness, Chief of Staff]: Presumably killed (off-screen) when the large alien ship destroys D.C. (even if he was among the ones who evacuated to "normad" base, he would definitely die when the alien ships raided and destroyed it).
  • Mach 2 (2000) [Capt. Roman]: Shot in the back by a terrorist. Dies shortly while trying to keep flying the plane.
  • No Man`s Land: The Rise of Reeker (2008) [Sheriff McAllister]: Drilled in the forehead by Ben Gunther. It is revealed that he was actually shot in the head during a shootout.

TV DeathsEdit

  • Murder, She Wrote: For Whom the Ball Tolls (1993) [Walter Gillrich]: Shot in the back by Susan Walters in his office. His body is shown afterwards when Susan, accompanied by Kevin Kilner, pretends to 'discover' him in Kevin's office, after Susan moved the body out of his office and into Kevin's to make it look like Kevin was the intended victim. The murder is shown in a flashback later on.

Notable ConnectionsEdit

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