Robert Picardo (1953 - )

Robert Picardo in The Howling

Robert Picardo's death in The Howling

Film Deaths[edit | edit source]

  • Total Recall (1990) [Voice of Johnny Cab]: Playing the voice of a robotic cab driver, he explodes after he goes haywire and rams his vehicular self into a stone wall just as Arnold Schwarzenegger gets out of his passenger seat.
  • Menno's Mind (1997) [Senator Taylor]: Neck broken/snapped by Corbin Bernsen after Robert had earlier been in disfavor of Corbin's methods.

TV Deaths[edit | edit source]

  • Steambath (1983 series) [Rod Tandy]: Dies (off-screen) of food poisoning, shortly before the first episode; he appeared as a spirit in the afterlife throughout the series' six-episode run. (See also Bill Bixby in the 1973 TV movie.)
  • Star Trek: Voyager: Deadlock (1996) [The Doctor]: Playing a holographic doctor aboard a duplicate version of Voyager, he is "killed" in an explosion, along with the rest of the remaining crew the duplicate Voyager, when the ship self-destructs after being boarded by the Vidiians. (The Doctor and the other crew survive the episode)
  • Star Trek: Voyager: Timeless (1998) [The Doctor]: Again, playing a holographic doctor, in an alternate future, he's killed in an explosion, along with Garrett Wang, Robert Beltran, and Christine Harnos when the Delta Flyer is destroyed, though they succeed in altering the past, and therefore surviving.
  • Star Trek: Voyager: Course: Oblivion (1999) [The Doctor]: Playing a biomemetic duplicate of the Doctor, he and the rest of the remaining duplicate crew (along with the ship itself) dissipate just before making contact with the real Voyager. (The real crew survive the episode).
  • Star Trek: Voyager: Course: Equinox, Part II (1999) [The Doctor]: In a dual role as the holographic doctor from Voyager and the holographic doctor from the Equinox, the Equinox Doctor is deleted by the Voyager Doctor, who survives the episode. (It's debatable whether this is permanent and technically a "death").
  • Time Machine: Rise of the Morlocks (2011; TV Movie) [Col. Wichita]: Killed (off-screen) by the Morlocks after he was pushed into the time portal sending him into the future. His body is shown when Daniel Caltagirone discovers him.

Video Game Deaths[edit | edit source]

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