Robert Pattinson in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Robert Pattinson (1986 - )

Deaths in FilmEdit

  • Cosmopolis (2012) [Eric Packer]: Possibly shot in the head (off-screen) by Paul Giamatti; the movie ends with Paul pointing the gun at Robert, leaving his fate open-ended.
  • The Rover (2014) [Rey]: Shot in the throat by Scoot McNairy (his brother), his body is later seen along with his brother as Guy Pearce sets them on fire.
  • Damsel (2018) [Samuel Alabaster]:
  • The King (2019) [The Dauphin]: Stabbed to death by English soldiers, acting on Timothée Chalamet ´s orders, after Robert lost his duel against Timotheé. 
  • The Lighthouse (2019) [Ephraim Winslow] Mortally wounded after falling down a staircase, in addition to having been struck in the shoulder with an axe by Willem Dafoe. The last shot of the film is of Robert lying naked on the beach, his face and internal organs eaten by seagulls (it's possible that this scene is simply Robert's delirious hallucination as he lies dying of his injuries at the bottom of the lighthouse stairs). 
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