Robert Newton (1905 - 1956)

Film Deaths[edit | edit source]

  • Snowbound (1948) [Engles]: Burnt to death with Herbert Lom as they continue to fight in the burning ski lodge and the roof collapses on them. (Thanks to Brian)
  • Oliver Twist (1948) [Bill Sykes]: Hung by the rope which he loops around his neck prior to slipping it under his arms in an attempt to flee across a rooftop. He is shot by a policeman, falls off the roof and the camera stays in situ as we see the rope grow taut and hear the gasps of the crowd. (Thanks to Brian)
  • Kiss the Blood Off My Hands (1948) [Harry Carter]: Stabbed with scissors by Joan Fontaine as he embraces her.
  • Blackbeard, The Pirate (1952) [Blackbeard]: Meets his end when some of his crew, led by Jack Lambert, discover he's doublecrossed them over a chest of valuables and bury him up to his neck on a beach: we see the tide coming in. (Thanks to Brian)
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