Robert Morley in The Old Dark House

Robert Morley (1908 - 1992)

Film DeathsEdit

  • The Ghosts Of Berkeley Square (1947) [Gen. "Jumbo" Burlap]: Robert and Felix Aylmer are rehearsing a trap for another party which involves a chair being tipped through a hinged floor so the occupant falls a couple of floors into the cellar. Unfortunately they have forgotten to put down the mattresses for falling on, so they die and spend the rest of the film as the title ghosts. (Thanks to Brian)
  • Oscar Wilde (1960) [Oscar Wilde]: Dies of meningitis. (I haven't seen this film, so I don't know whether the actual cause of death is mentioned.)
  • The Road to Hong Kong (1962) [Leader of the Third Echelon]: Shot in the back by Alan Gifford as Robert runs towards his control panel; he dies after throwing the switch to launch the rocket carrying Joan Collins, Bing Crosby, and Bob Hope into space.
  • Genghis Khan (1965) [The Emperor of China]: Fatally injured in an explosion after Omar Sharif rigs a fireworks display to blow open the gate of the Great Wall of China; he dies shortly afterwards as Omar rides away.
  • Theatre of Blood (Much Ado About Murder) (1973) [Meredith Merridew]: Choked to death when Vincent Price uses a funnel to force a meat pie (made from Robert's poodles) down Robert's throat. (Thanks to ND)
  • The Wind (Edge of Terror) (1987) [Elias Appleby]: Hit in the head with a fire poker by Wings Hauser who then buries his body.

TV DeathsEdit

  • War and Remembrance: November 2 - December 1, 1942 (1988) [Alistair Tudsbury]: Dies when his jeep explodes after running over a German land mine.

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