Robert Mammone (1971 - )


Robert Mammone in The Condemned.

Film Deaths

  • Street Fighter (1994) [Carlos Blanka]: Dies when the building he is in explodes which he decides to not leave. 
  • Heaven’s Burning (1997) [Mahood]: My memory of this movie is vague, but I believe he was killed by either Russell Crowe or Kenji Isomura. (I can’t remember for certain).
  • Man-Thing (2005) [Mike Ploog]: Throat Slashed (off-screen) by the Man-Thing (Conan Stevens). His body is shown afterwards when Matthew Le Nevez discovers him. (Thanks to Eric)
  • The Condemned (2007) [Ian Breckel]: Killed in an explosion after Steve Austin throws the explosive ankle cuff into Robert’s helicopter after it takes off.

TV Deaths

  • Salem's Lot (2004) [Dr. Jimmy Cody]: Slashed across the chest by a radial saw when he falls through the stairs in a trap set up by Rutger Hauer while Rob Lowe and Dan Byrd look in schock.
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