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Robert Maillet (with Josh Dallas) in Once Upon a Time: The Shepherd

Robert Maillet (1969 - )

Film Deaths Edit

  • 300 (2006) [Uber Immortal (Giant)]: Decapitated with a sword by Gerard Butler at the end of a fight.
  • The Big Bang (2010) [Anton 'The Pro' Protopov]: Killed in a fight/shootout with Jimmi Simpson.
  • Pacific Rim (2013) [Lt. S. Kaidanovsky]: Killed an explosion (along with Heather Doerksen) when an alien monster destroys the cockpit of their mech.
  • Polar (2019) [Karl]: Shot in the back of the neck by Mads Mikkelsen after being shot several times in the legs and back.

Television Deaths Edit

Gallery Edit

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