Robert Knepper in Renegades

Robert Knepper (1959 -)

Film DeathsEdit

  • D.O.A. (1988) [Nicholas Lang]: Pushed off a rooftop by Daniel Stern (he briefly hits a window as he falls past the teacher's study). It was at first thought of as a suicide, but was established as a murder throughout the film and is confirmed when Daniel confesses to Dennis Quaid. (Thanks to Zeppo and ND)
  • Phantoms (1998) [Agent Wilson]: Killed off-screen by the ancient enemy life form.
  • Species III (2004) [Dr. Abbot]: Impaled through the chest by the spiked tail of the hybrid alien; he dies in Robin Dunne's arms shortly afterwards. (Thanks to ND)
  • Hitman (2007) [Yuri Marklov]: Possibly electrocuted in a bathtub death-trap set up by Timothy Olyphant; we don't see what happens to Robert, so it's ambiguous as to whether Timothy's threat was genuine or a bluff. (Thanks to Eric)
  • The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008) [Colonel]: Devoured, along with all the other military personnel, by the nanobots after the giant GORT robot separates into its component parts. (Thanks to ND)
  • R.I.P.D. (2013) [Stanley Nawlicki]: Playing a dead spirit hiding among the living, Robert is shot in the back by Jeff Bridges just as Robert is about to attack Ryan Reynolds; his body disintegrates when he dies. (At this point, Robert has changed into his CGI form.)
  • The Hoarder (2015) [Vince]: Stabbed in the chest with a sword. His face is then cut vertically.

TV DeathsEdit

Notable ConnectionsEdit

  • Mr. Tory Herald (casting director).


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