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Robert Joy (1951 - )

Robert Joy in Terminal Choice

Film Deaths[]

  • Amityville 3-D (1983) [Elliot West]: Scalded/boiled to death after a demonic being seizes, then drags him into a boiling underground well.
  • Millennium (1989) [Sherman the Robot]: Burned away into nothingness, whilst he’s closing up the time portal, thereby allowing Kris Kristofferson & Cheryl Ladd a chance to escape from a *time-quake* (Robert is wearing heavy makeup during his role).  
  • The Dark Half (1993) [Fred Clawson]: Dies of shock/blood loss from being castrated (off-screen) by Timothy Hutton’s alter ego. We only partial see him seated dead in a chair, when the cops discover him.
  • Hard Boiled 2 (1996) [Bon Appetit]: Falled to death and impaled on a iron fence during a fight with Arnis Hasi
  • Resurrection (1999) [Gerald Demus]: Shot in the head after being shot several times in the chest and stomach/torso by Christopher Lambert as Robert goes for him with a knife causing Robert to fall off a hospital roof (in a crucified pose).
  • Superhero Movie (2008) [Dr. Hawking]: Presumably falls to his death when Leslie Nielsen makes his electronic wheelchair go forward, catapulting him off the very high Building. (a play of O.J. Simpson's end scene in The Naked Gun). (Played for comic effect).

TV Deaths[]

Notable Connections[]

  • Ex-Mr. Mary Joy.