Robert Duvall in Colors

Robert Duvall (1931 - )

Film DeathsEdit

  • The Great Santini (1979) [Lt. Col. 'Bull' Meechum]: Killed in a plane crash.
  • Let's Get Harry (1986) [Norman Shrike]: Shot to death in a shoot-out with enemy soldiers.
  • Colors (1988) [Officer Bob Hodges]: Shot in the lower chest by Gerardo Mejia while the police are arresting the gang; he dies shortly afterwards as Sean Penn kneels by his side.
  • Deep Impact (1998) [Captain Spurgeon 'Fish' Tanner]: Killed in an explosion (along with the rest of the shuttle crew) when they sacrifice themselves by piloting the shuttle into the comet to save the earth.
  • The 6th Day (2000) [Dr. Griffin Weir]: Shot in the head by Tony Goldwyn after Robert threatens to expose the cloning operation. His memories are later implanted in a clone of Tony, which also dies when he falls to his death through a glass ceiling.
  • Secondhand Lions (2003) [Hub]: Killed (offscreen) in a plane crash, along with Michael Caine, when they try to fly their biplane upside-down through a barn door; we only see the wreckage afterwards.
  • Get Low (2009) [Felix Bush]: Dies of unspecified causes; we later see his funeral.
  • Wild Horses (2015) [Scott Briggs]: Dies of a heart attack as he's driving back to his ranch.

TV DeathsEdit

  • T.H.E. Cat: Crossing at Destino Bay (1966) [Scorpio] Falls off of a scaffold after being shot in a gunfight with Robert Loggia.
  • Lonesome Dove (1989 miniseries) [Augustus 'Gus' McCrae]: Dies of gangrene after being shot in the leg with arrows and refusing to let the doctor amputate; Tommy Lee Jones then carries his body back to Lonsome Dove. (Thanks to Rick)
  • Stalin (1992 TV) [Joseph Stalin]: Dies of cerebral hemorrhage following a stroke, with his family and various military and government officials gathered by his bedside. (Thanks to Matt and Stephen)
  • The Man Who Captured Eichmann (1996 TV) [Adolf Eichmann]: Executed (off-screen) by hanging in Israel on May 31st, 1962. His execution is mentioned in the onscreen text at the end of the film.


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