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Robert De Niro in Cape Fear

Robert De Niro (1943 - )

Movie DeathsEdit

  • Bloody Mama (1970) [Lloyd Barker]: Dies (off-screen) of a heroin overdose; his body is shown lying in the field afterwards when his brothers discover him. (in reality, Lloyd Barker was shot by his wife and outlived all his brothers as well).
  • Mean Streets (1973) [John "Johnny Boy" Civello]: Shot in the neck by Martin Scorsese as Richard Romanus drives past the car in which Robert is riding with Harvey Keitel and Amy Robinson; we last see him staggering out and clutching his neck. (Although the movie itself is ambiguous as to whether he survives, I'm mentioning it because I figured I'd receive suggestions about it if I left it out.)
  • Bang the Drum Slowly (1973) [Bruce Pearson]: Dies (off-screen) of Hodgkin's lymphoma; we only see a scene of Michael Moriarty walking out of the cemetary after Robert's funeral.
  • 1900 (1976) [Alfredo Berlinghieri]: Commits suicide by lying on the railroad tracks as the train approaches.
  • Brazil (1985) [Archibald 'Harry' Tuttle]: Crushed to death and/or devoured by scraps of newspaper that completely envelop him in the street. (This portion of the movie is happening only in Jonathan Pryce's mind as he's being tortured by Michael Palin.)
  • The Mission (1986) [Rodrigo Mendoza]: Mortally wounded in battle with Portuguese soldiers; he remains alive long enough to see Jeremy Irons approaching, finally dying after seeing him brutally gunned down as well.
  • Cape Fear (1991) [Max Cady]: Drowned after a fight with Nick Nolte (having been hand cuffed to a railing) on Nick's houseboat during a thunderstorm at night (when the remains of the houseboat are swept into the depths). He dies after making eye contact with Nick (whilst praying) before sinking below the surface.
  • This Boy's Life (1993) [Dwight Hansen]: Dies (off-screen) of terminal illness; his death is mentioned in the narration at the end of the movie.
  • Heat (1995) [Neil McCauley]: Shot in the chest by Al Pacino in a shoot-out by an airfield (he dies as Al holds his hand in a final handshake).
  • The Fan (1996) [Gil Renard]: Shot to death by police after Robert attempts to kill Wesley Snipes by throwing a knife at him (he dies as he talks to him).
  • Men of Honor (2000) [Master Chief Billy Sunday]: Although he survives the actual film, the US DVD includes an alternate ending in which he drowns while saving somebody.
  • 15 Minutes (2001) [Detective Eddie Fleming]: Stabbed to death by Karel Roden and Oleg Taktarov (who film it at the time) after he attacks them despite being tied to a chair (his death is shown again depicted on Oleg's video footage).
  • Godsend (2004) [Richard Wells]: Although he survives the actual film, the US DVD includes two alternate endings in which he dies.
  • Machete (2010) [Senator John McLaughlin]: Shot in the chest by Billy Blair (on top of being non-fatally electrocuted when he falls against an electric fence), while Robert is disguised as a Mexican laborer.
  • New Year's Eve (2011) [Stan Harris]: Dies (off-screen) of cancer. We last see him sitting on the hospital roof with his daughter (Hilary Swank) as they watch the New Year's ball drop; his death is revealed in a later scene when Hilary holds an envelope with Robert's belongings.

TV DeathsEdit


notables ConnectionsEdit

  • Ex-Husband of Diahnne Abbott.
  • Ex-Husband of Grace Hightower.
  • Father of Ralphael De Niro.
  • Stepfather / adoptive of Drena De Niro.
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