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Robert Conrad in The Lady in Red

Robert Conrad (1935 - 2020)

Film Deaths[]

  • Young Dillinger (1965) [‘Pretty Boy’ Floyd]: While the police are closing in on him, Nick Adams and John Ashley, he is shot in the face by federal agents. (Thanks to Walter Goodseal)
  • The Lady in Red (1979) [John Dillinger] Shot numerous times by the police in front of a theater.

TV Deaths[]

  • Mission: Impossible: The Killer (1970) [Eddie Lorca]: Shot in the stomach by Byron Morrow after Robert shoots him first.
  • Five Desperate Women (1971) [Michael Wylie]: Hit in the head with a rock thrown by Denise Nicholas when Robert tries to strangle Julie Sommars.
  • The Last Day (1975) [Bob Dalton]: Shot by Richard Widmark after he rides at him when realising there is no escape from the town of Coffeyville after the failed attempt to rob 2 banks. (Thanks to Brian)

Noteworthy Connections[]

  • Ex-Mr. LaVelda Fann
  • Father of Christian Conrad, Nancy Conrad, Shane Conrad and Joan Conrad (producer)