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Robert Carlyle in The World Is Not Enough

Robert Carlyle (1961 - )

Film Deaths[]

  • Ravenous (1999) [Colonel Ives/F.W. Colqhoun]: Caught in a bear trap, impaling him through the back at the end of a fight with Guy Pearce. He dies whilst talking to Guy.
  • The World Is Not Enough (1999) [Victor Zokas a.k.a. Renard]: Impaled through the stomach when a plutonium rod is propelled from the submarine's reactor machine by a blast of air, during a struggle with Pierce Brosnan (on top of having a bullet lodged in his brain, slowly killing him).
  • The Beach (2000) [Daffy]: Commits suicide (off-screen) by slitting himself his wrists in his hotel room; his body is shown afterwards when Leonardo DiCaprio discovers him.
  • Eragon (2006) [Durza]: Impaled on a sword through the stomach/torso by Ed Speleers, whilst both are fighting in free fall. His body then spontaneously combusts and crumbles to dust (Robert was wearing heavy makeup for this role).
  • 28 Weeks Later (2007) [Don]: After being infected by the "Rage" virus he is shot repeatedly in the stomach then chest/head by Imogen Poots after he attacks and bites Mackintosh Muggleton.
  • Yesterday (2019) [John Lennon]: Shot to death (off-screen) in 1980. The film didn't address about John's death. (He appears in alternate reality in the world without The Beatles where he come face to face with Himesh Patel who was surprise to see Robert alive depsite knowing what happened to him in real life).

TV Deaths[]

  • Human Trafficking (2005; TV movie) [Sergei]: Shot multiple times by police agents and once in the mouth by Mira Sorvino.
  • 24: Redemption (2008; TV movie) [Carl Benton]: Sacrifices himself by putting his foot on a land mine in order to kill the garrison of rebel soldiers and allow Kiefer Sutherland to escape with the refugee kids.
  • Once Upon a Time: Going Home (2013) [Mr. Gold/Rumplestilskin]: Commits suicide by stabbing himself after he stabs Robbie Kay with an enchanted dagger in order to protect his family from Robbie.
  • Once Upon a Time: Leaving Storybrooke (2018) [Mr. Gold/Weaver/Wish Realm Rumpelstiltskin]: In a dual role as Mr. Gold/Weaver and the Wish Realm version of Rumpelstiltskin; Mr. Gold/Weaver sacrifices himself by removing his heart and giving it to the dying Colin O'Donoghue; Rumpelstiltskin is erased from existence following this.