Robert Burr (1922 - 2000)

TV DeathsEdit

  • Gunsmoke: Whelan's Men (1973) [Whelan]; Shot in the chest by James Arness who comes into the saloon as Robert is hitting Amanda Blake. (Thanks to Brian)
  • Kojak: Die Before They Wake (1974) [Dan Pope]: Shot to death by Harris Yulin.
  • L.A. Law: Second Time Around (1992) [Phillip Tice]: Protesting that he confessed of strangling and murdering Felicia Holiday with her necklace, proving that R.G. Armstrong (Frank Osgood) is innocent of murder. He was wrongly convicted. Frank Osgood has been incarcerated for the past 33 years since prosecuted by Richard Dysart. But Tice was taken away and removed from the courtroom by the bailiff and was ordered by Robert David Hall. Phillip Tice has stomach cancer and then died. (off-screen) On the upside, Leland McKenzie and Daniel Morales have secure an address of a missing witness, and they plan on paying him a visit. And they found the witness Lawrence Tierney, he'll testify that he saw a Tice at the murder scene of Felicia Holiday in 1959, not Frank Osgood. The court's reopened Osgood's case.
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