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Robb Wells in Would You Rather

Robb Wells (1971 - )

Film Deaths[]

TV Deaths[]

  • Trailer Park Boys (The Shit Blizzard, S05E10) (2005) [Ricky LaFleur]: Dies from an heart attack during a shoot-out with Mio and Nobu Adilman, and Bernard Robichaud. He is revived when John Dunsworth performs CPR on him.
  • Trailer Park Boys (Thugged Out Gangsta Shit, S10E09) (2016) [Ricky LaFleur]: Accidentally shot in the head by John Dunsworth while intoxicated. He is rendered brain dead and is in a coma for three weeks until the next episode when everybody breaths marijuana smoke into his breathing tube after Mike Smith finds out that weed smoke triggers Robb's brain activity.
Robb wells

Robb Wells in Hobo With A Shotgun