Rob Paulsen

Rob Paulsen (1956 - )

Prolific voice actor (most notably Raphael in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Yakko in Animaniacs)

Film Deaths[edit | edit source]

  • Eyes Of Fire (1983) [Jewell Buchanan]: Shot in the neck with an arrow by a Native American warrior, he later dies in his wife's Caitlin Baldwin arms.
  • The Land Before Time II: The Great Valley Adventure (1994; animated) [Strut]: Presumed eaten by Chomper's parents. Though it is unconfirmed and happens offscreen, as the last we see of him and Ozzy (Jeff Bennett) is them being chased by the two Sharpteeth.
  • Jonny Quest Vs The Cyber Insects (1995) [Hadji/425]: 425 is killed (offscreen by) Dr. Zin's (Jeffrey Tambor) genetically enhanced insects as punishment for failure. (Hadji survives the film).
  • The Land Before Time VII: The Stone of Cold Fire (2000; animated) [Rinkus]: Presumably killed in explosion of the Stone of Cold Fire caused by a volcanic eruption, along with Sierra (Jim Cummings). Explosion sends them flying into a cave, where they lay still, badly burned. As with Strut, their deaths are unconfirmed but likely.
  • The Powerpuff Girls Movie (2002; animated) [Hota Wata/Killa Drilla/Doot Da Doot Da Doos]: Hota Wata drowns when the girls dig a tunnel that leads into the sewers causing him to get sucked in along with his water, Killa Drilla is killed when Blossom (Cathy Cavadini) grabs his drill which ejects him from his seat and crashes into the street, and the Doot Da Doota Da Doo Doos are killed in an explosion when Bubbles zaps one of them with her eye beams and causes his jet pack to explode which wipes out the entire squad.
  • Charlotte's Web 2: Wilbur's Great Adventure (2003; animated) [Farley]: Its unclear what became of him, though its possible he was disposed/killed after he was caught.
  • DC Showcase: The Spectre (2010; animated short) [Drew Flynn/Lt. Brice/Deandre]: "Drew Flynn" is killed by a robotic gorilla brought to live by the Spectre (voiced by Gary Cole). "Lt. Brice" and "Deandre" lived!
  • Batman & Harley Quinn (2017;animated) [Harold Goldblum]: Stabbed in the chest with a plant spike by Jason Woodrue (Kevin Michael Richardson), he later dies in Harley Quinn's (Melissa Rauch) arms.

TV Deaths[edit | edit source]

  • Spider-Man: The Animated Series: Hydro-Man (1995; animated) [Morris "Morris" Bench/Hydro-Man]: Evaporated due to being away from the water, however Spider-Man (Christopher Daniel Barnes) suspects he might return.
  • Animaniacs: Ballad Of Magellan (1996;animated) [Ferdinand Magellan/Yakko]: Ferdinand Megellan is stabbed to death (offscreen) with spears by natives, he is then seen as a ghost. Yakko survives. (Played for comic effect.)
  • The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest: Rock of Rages (1996; animated) [Novak/Hadji/Commander]: "Novak" is shot from behind by General Vostok (Mark Hamill). Hadji and Commander lived!
  • The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest: Ghost Quest (1996; animated) ["Jean Leger/Hadji"]: Voicing a ghost, "Jean Leger" drowned in a Bog by Lady Caroline (voiced by Mari Weiss), he returns as a ghost possessing Jonny (voiced by Quinton Flynn), reconciles with the ghost of Lady Caroline and finally rest in peace. "Hadji lives!"
  • The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest: More than Zero (1997; animated) [Hadji; Tentacle Monster]: The Tentacle Monster disappears after Jonny Quest (voiced by Quinton Flynn) destroys the pearl and the entity (voiced by Clancy Brown). Hadji Lives!
  • Spider-Man: The Animated Series: The Return of Hydro-Man part 2 (1997; animated) [[Morris "Morrie" Bench Clone/Hydro-Man Clone]: Evaporated along with the Mary Jane Watson Clone (Jennifer Hale) after revealing to be a clone created by Miles Warren (Jonathan Harris).
  • Histeria!: The Wild West (1998; animated) [George Custer/Various]: George Custer is shot to death (offscreen) with arrows by Native American warriors. (played for comic effect).
  • Thumb Wars: The Phantom Cuticle (1999;animated) [Oobedoob Benubi/Thumbtrooper]: Oobedoob Benubi is cut in half by Black Helmet Man (Mark DeCarlo) after he distracts him during their light sabre duel, the Thumbtrooper is shot by Han Duet (Ross Scafer). (Both played for comic effect).
  • Histeria!: North America (2000; animated) [George Custer/Various]: Killed (offscreen) in the Battle Of Little Bighorn. (played for comic effect).
  • Harvey Birdman: Guitar Control (2004; animated) [Baba Louie]: Beaten to death with a guitar by Peanut (Thomas Allen).
  • Danny Phantom: The Ultimate Enemy (2005) [Jack Fenton/The Box Ghost/Technus]: Jack Fenton is killed in an explosion along with Maddie (Kath Soucie), Jazz (Colleen O'Shaughnessey, Tucker (Ricky D'Shon Collins, Sam Grey DeLisle), and Mr. Lancer (Ron Perlman) when Dark Danny (Eric Roberts) blows up the school in an alternate reality, this is undone when Danny (David Kaufman) goes back in time to stop this event from happening. (The Box Ghost and Technus being ghosts died long before the main timeline of the series).
  • Teen Titans: Employee of the Month (2005; animated) [The Source]: Eaten by Cyborg (Khary Payton) after Beast Boy (Greg Cipes) douces him in sauce. (Played for comic effect).
  • Ben 10: Alien Force: Busy Box (2009) [Rhomboid Vreedle]: Killed along with his brother: Octagon (John DiMaggio by the Naljian Destructor when they tried to escape in their ship. However in Con of Rath, the Vreedles return and the ones killed were clones.
  • Big Time Rush: Big Time Jobs (2010) '''''[C.A.L]: Crushed by Carlos Pena Jr. & Tanya Chisholm. We only see foam covered up the kitchen as Rob is destroyed.
  • ThunderCats: Legacy (2011; animated) [Shen/Rezard]: Voicing characters from the past, "Shen" either died when the ship crash or died sometime around the past. "Rezard" died sometime around the past.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Power Inside Her (2016) [Donatello]: Disintegrated when Mae Whitman used her psychic powers on him during their confrontation. He is brought back to life when Mae used her powers on his remains to revive him.
  • All Hail King Julien: Love Gauntlet (2016) [Captain Ethan]: Dissolved into lava from a volcano when Ethan was about to attack King Julien (voiced by Danny Jacobs). He later appears as a ghost later in the series.

Video Game Deaths[edit | edit source]

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