Rita Volk in The Hungover Games

Rita Volk (1990 - )

Film Deaths Edit

  • The Hungover Games (2014) [Katnip Everlean]: Stabbed in the stomach (off-screen) in a fight with Jeff Torres; she dies shortly afterwards while talking to Ben Begley in a comically awkward "romantic farewell" speech (with him being more focused on her breasts than on her face or words). The whole adventure turns out to be a shared dream/hallucination experienced by Ben, John Livingston, Ross Nathan, and Herbert Russell; after they wake up to reality, Ben later meets the real-world Rita (who survives the movie). (Nudity alert: Topless, body doubled)

TV Deaths Edit

  • Major Crimes: Backfire (2013) [Briana Mathis]: Pushed out of a moving car by Nick Tarabay.
  • Scream: Killer Party Promo (2015) [Amy Raudenfeld]: Along with various other MTV stars, has been murdered off screen by a Ghostface killer, with the series main cast arriving at the party where they were massacered. Her body is seen with her throat slit.
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