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Rita Gam in Tales of the Unexpected: Completely Foolproof

Rita Gam (1927 – 2016)

Film Deaths[]

  • Sign of the Pagan (1954) [Kubra]: Killed by Jack Palance. (Though I don't know the details)
  • Sierra Baron (1958) [Felicia Delmonte]: Dies (off-screen) at some point between the 19th-century story and the 20th-century framing sequence; her tombstone is shown at the end of the movie.
  • Hannibal (1959) [Sylvia]: A Roman noblewoman, she is executed by being buried alive for being the lover of Hannibal (Victor Mature), Rome's Carthaginian enemy. (Thanks to Brian)
  • No Exit (Sinners of Hell) (1962) [Estelle]: Dies some time before the story begins; the entire movie takes place in the afterlife. (I don't know whether or not this version actually depicts her death).

TV Deaths[]

  • Tales of the Unexpected: Completely Foolproof (1981) [Lisa Brisson]: Shot to death by Ramsay Williams while she's talking on the phone to Telly Savalas. (Thanks to Strangebird)

Notable Connections[]

  • Mother of Kate Guinzburg (producer).