Riley Keough (1989 - )
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Riley Keough dead in The House That Jack Built

Film DeathsEdit

  • The Good Doctor (2011) [Diane Nixon]: Dies of kidney failure after Orlando Bloom had tampered with her medication in order to heroically "save" her; she dies on the operating table as several other doctors attempt to resusciate her and Orlando looks on. (Thanks to Tim)
  • The House That Jack Built (2018) [Simple]: Dies from blood loss (off-screen) after Matt Dillon cuts off her breasts off-camera after he had drawn border-line around her breasts with red marker pen. She was later dismembered as Matt described the story and seen attaching Riley's severed left breast on a police car's windshield with its wiper. Matt later made a moneybag using her severed right breast. (Nudity Alert: Both breasts visible)
  • Welcome the Stranger (2018) [Misty]: Strangled to death by Caleb Landry Jones in bed while having sex with him. She later appears to Caleb at the end of the film, implying that her death was a hallucination. (Nudity Alert: Topless)

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