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Rikiya Yasuouka In Black Rain

Rikiya Yasuoka (1947 - 2012)

Film DeathsEdit

  • Stray Cat: Sex Hunter (Nora-neko rokku: Sekkusu hantaa) (1970) [Kazuma]: Shot to death by Tatsuya Fuji while also killing Tatsuya.
  • Stray Cat: Beat ' 71 (Nora-neko rokku: Bôsô shudan '71) (1971) [Hesu]: Stabbed to death by Takeo Chii.
  • Executioner (Chokugeki! Jigoku-ken) (1974) [Lone Wolf]: Beaten to death by Sonny Chiba.
  • The Executioner II: Karate Inferno (Chokugeki jigoku-ken: Dai-gyakuten) (1974) [One Eye Sammy]: Punched in the throat by Sonny Chiba causing his one eye to pop out of his head.
  • Violent Streets (Bôryoku gai) (1974) [Yakuza]: Strangled to death by Hideo Murota.
  • Sister Street Fighter: Hanging by a Thread  (Onna hissatsu ken: kiki ippatsu) (1974) [Genjuro Ranai]: Speared in the throat by Etsuko Shihomi.
  • Wolfguy: Enraged Lycanthrope (Urufu gai: Moero okami-otoko) (1975) [Gangster] Ripped and torn at by the the pyschic powers of Etsuko Nami.
  • The Bobdy Guard (Karate Kiba) (1976) [Hitman]: Shot to death by Rin'ichi Yamamoto.
  • The Killing Machine (Shôrinji kenpô) (1976) [Takehara]: Bleeds to death after being castrated by Sonny Chiba.
  • The Beast to Die (Kunihiko Date) (1980) [Minehara]: Shot to death by Yûsaku Matsuda.
  • Death Shadow (Jitternai) (1986) [Assassin]: Dies of his wounds off-screen after being stabbed and captured. His body is later shown laying on the floor.
  • Heartbreak Yakuza (Saraba itoshiki hito yo) (1987) [Gozo Kiuchi]: Stabbed in the back during a yakuza meeting. 
  • Black Rain (1989) [Sugai's Man]: Shot to death by Ken Takakura.
  • The Toxic Avenger Part II (1989) [Big Mac]: Dismembered by Masao Machitani, after the Toxic Avenger (Ron Fazio) knocks Rikiya onto Masao's fish-preparation table and Masao keeps chopping away without noticing (being distracted by the sight of the naked Maya Shiraki). His severed head is shown afterwards on display in a glass case alongside various fish dishes. (Played for comic effect.)
  • Zatoichi (1989) [Yôjinbô/Bodyguard]: Decapitated by Shintaro Katsu.
  • Yakuza Ladies Reviisted: Love is Hell (Shin gokudo no onna-tachi: horetara jigoku) (1994) [Bodyguard] Machine gunned to death by Shima Iwashita
  • Family (2001) [The Don]: Shot to death while in a service elevator.
  • Izo (2004) [Yakuza Leader]: Stabbed in the face with a sword by Kazuya Nakayama.

TV DeathsEdit

  • None


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