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Rick Cramer in flashback scene in Criminal Minds: Keeper.

Rick Cramer (1958 -)

Film Deaths[]

  • Showdown in Little Tokyo(1991) [Mr. Kenner] Hacked with a sword Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa which is shown in a flashback.
  • Ricochet (1991) [Jesse T. Schultzman']: He dies after John Lithgow shoots him with a shotgun in the throat, subsequently shoots him in the knee and burns him to throw him off a cliff inside a truck, so that John Lithgow feigns his own death, everything is observed by Josh Evans.
  • Counter Measures (1998) (AKA Crash Dive 2) [Lt. Slavin]: Handcuffed to a pole by Michael Dudikoff on-board the submarine and likely drowned off-screen by the pouring water off-screen.

TV Deaths[]

  • Charmed: Lost and Bound (2002) [Demon Guard]: Destroyed by The Charmed ones.