Rick Baker in The Wolfman


Rick Baker's death in The Wolfman

Rick Baker (1950 - )

Special Effects Artist

Film DeathsEdit

  • King Kong (1976) [King Kong]: Playing a giant gorilla (beneath heavy make-up and costuming), he falls to his death from the World Trade Center after being shot by helicopters while he's holding Jessica Lange. (Thanks to Tommy)
  • The Wolfman (2010) [Gypsy]: Mauled to death by the werewolf Anthony Hopkins in the woods; we only see the werewolf suddenly lunge and knock Rick out of camera frame. (Thanks to Tommy)

TV DeathsEdit

Music Video DeathsEdit

  • Thriller (1983; music video) [Crypt Zombie]: Died at some point before the events of the story and comes back as a zombie.


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