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Richard Masur in Heaven's Gate

Richard Masur (1948 - )

Film Deaths[]

  • Who'll Stop the Rain (Dog Soldiers) (1978) [Danskin] Machine gunned by Nick Nolte who he also happens to mortally shoot in the chest while sneaking up on him.
  • Heaven's Gate (Johnson County Wars) (1980) [Cully]: Shot to death by Sam Waterston's men in a valley, after they ambush him.
  • The Thing (1982) [Clark]: Shot in the head by Kurt Russell when he tries to kill Kurt with a scalpel (convinced Kurt is the alien).
  • Nightmares (1983) [Steven Houston (segment "Night of the Rat")]: Killed by the giant rats.
  • The Mean Season (1985) [Bill Nolan]: Shot dead by Richard Jordan.
  • The Believers (1987) [Marty Wertheimer]: Shot in the back with a poisoned dart by Malick Bowens. Richard lives long enough to partially blind Malick with flash powder. (Thanks to Stephen)
  • Rent-a-Cop (1987)[Roger]: Stabbed in the neck by James Remar off-screen. His body is later shown.
  • Shoot to Kill (Deadly Pursuit) (1988) [Norman]: Falls to his death after Clancy Brown lets go of him (due to Clancy's gun falling out of his pocket), while Clancy is pulling Richard up.
  • Fire Down Below (1997) [Phill Pratt]: Killed (presumably in a fire set) by Kris Kristofferson's cohorts.

TV Deaths[]

  • The Winter of Our Discontent (1983 TV) [Danny]: Commits suicide by overdosing on sleeping pills and alcohol at home, his body is later discovered by Donald Sutherland.
  • Amazing Stories: The Amazing Falsworth (1985) [Trent Tinker]: Shot in the head when Gregory Hines manages to pull the trigger of a shotgun while Richard is trying to strangle Gregory with piano wire.
  • L.A. Law: Open Heart Perjury (1988) [Robert Boland]: Suffers a heart attack after testifying and cross examined and badgering by Blair Underwood. Richard had died (off-screen) and Raye Birk declares a mistrial.
  • It (1990) [Stanley Uris]: Commits suicide (off-screen) by slitting his wrists in a bathtub rather than keep his promise to return to Derry, Maine and deal with the demon (Tim Curry) when he resurfaced (his body is later seen when his wife discovers him). His severed head (Tim in disguise) appears to his friends in a fridge. (See also Andy Bean in the 2019 version.)
  • Picket Fences: Freezer Burn (1995) [Mayor Ed Lawson]: Murdered by his wife (Phyllis Lyons) and stuffed into a freezer. She later decapitates his frozen body.

Notable connections[]

  • Ex-Mr. Fredda Weiss.
  • Former president of the Screen Actors Guild (1995 - 1999).