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Richard Darbois (1951 -)

Film Deaths[]

  • The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993;animated) [Oogie Boogie]: Providing the voice of a boogeyman, his burlap sack skin is removed by a machine, and is reduced to nothing as the bugs fall into the hot pot and die, (see Ken Page for the English version.)
  • Anastasia (1997;animated) [Rasputin]: Drowned when he falls into an icy lake while trying to kill the young Anastasia (voiced by Kelly Marot); he returns through supernatural means, and is finally destroyed when Anastasia (voiced by Céline Monsarrat) smashes the cylinder containing his soul. causing him to decompose into a skeleton and crumble to dust. (All historically inaccurate as this is a fantasy cartoon film, IRL Rasputin was poisoned, shot and drowned, see Christopher Lloyd for his English version.)
  • Mulan (1998;animated) [Shan-Yu]: Killed in an explosion after José Garcia shoots a rocket at him, knocking him into a tower filled with fireworks, (see Miguel Ferrer for the English version.)
  • The Simpsons Movie (2007) [Russ Cargill]: Possibly dies of head trauma when Maggie throws a rock that hits him on the head when he tries to shoot Bart (Nancy Cartwright) and Homer Simpson (Dan Castellaneta). (He's never seen again, in the series, so it's safe to say he died, played for comic effect; see Albert Brooks for the English version.)

Video Game Deaths[]

  • Kingdom Hearts (2002) [Oogie Boogie/Genie]: After merging with his manor, "Oogie Boogie" disintegrates after Donald Reignoux destroys the dark energy orbs surrounding him. ("Genie" survives the game.)
  • Kingdom Hearts II (2005) [Shan Yu/Genie/Oogie Boogie]: "Shan Yu" is killed at the end of a fight with Donald Reignoux and Valérie Karsenti. "Oogie Boogie", after being resurrected by Sylvie Moreau following his death in the previous game, his burlap sack skin falls apart at the seams and is reduced to his insect form, and is crushed when Sylvian Caruso stomps on him. ("Genie" survives the game once again.)