Richard Crenna in Wait Until Dark

Richard Crenna (1926 - 2003)

Film DeathsEdit

  • The Sand Pebbles (1966) [Captain Collins]: Shot in the back as he tries to hold off the Chinese revolutionaries, so that the others can get back to the boat.
  • Marooned (Space Travelers) (1969) [Jim Pruett]: Commits suicide by rupturing his spacesuit and drifting off into space, so that Gene Hackman and James Franciscus will have enough oxygen to survive.
  • Catlow (1971) [Marshal Ben Cowan]: Shot to death by Leonard Nimoy.
  • Un Flic (1972) [Simon]: Shot to death by Alain Delon.
  • Passions (1984) [Richard Kennerly]: Dies of a heart attack, with Joanne Woodward by his side.
  • Leviathan (1989) [Dr. Glen Thompson]: Dies (off-screen) when one of the leviathan creatures takes over his body to incubate, which is then destroyed when the deep ocean base is crushed by the extreme pressure.
  • Rambo (2008) [Col Sam Trautman] Although he does not appear in this film due to his real life death 5 years before this film was ever made it assumed that Richard died somewhere between the events of Rambo III & IV. Sylvester Stallone confirmed his death saying his character Trautman died the same time Richard Crenna died. He only appears in flashbacks.

TV DeathsEdit

  • A Fire in the Sky (1978 TV) [Jason Voight]: Killed, along with a group of Native Americans, when the comet strikes Arizona.
  • Judging Amy: Requiem (2003) [Jared Duff]: Dies (off-screen) of a heart attack, we are informed of his death when William Ragsdale informs Tyne Daly. His memorial service is shown. (this was filmed after Crenna's real-life passing). (I haven't seen this, but I got the info from online).

Notable ConnectionsEdit

Father of Richard Anthony Crenna

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