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Richard Chamberlain (1934 - )<gallery>
Richard Chamberlain (1934 - )
Richardchamberlain.jpg|Richard Chamberlain in ''The Swarm''
[[File:Richardchamberlain.jpg|thumb|314x314px|Richard Chamberlain in The Swarm ]]
==Film Deaths==
==Film Deaths==

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Richard Chamberlain (1934 - )


Richard Chamberlain in The Swarm

Film Deaths

  • The Swarm (1978) [Dr. Hubbard]: Stung to death, along with Jose Ferrer and several others, by the swarm of bees when the bees attack the power plant (causing the plant to explode).

TV Deaths

  • Hamlet (1970 TV) [Hamlet]: Slashed with a poison-tipped sword by Laertes (Nicholas Jones), he dies after killing Richard Johnson. (haven't seen this but we all know the play).
  • The Thorn Birds (1983 mini-series) [Ralph de Bricassart]: Dies of old age/natural causes while talking to Rachel Ward (Richard was makeup'd to look much older than he was at the time).


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