Richard Briers in 'Henry V' (1989)

Richard Briers (1934 - 2013)

Deaths in FilmEdit

  • Peter's Friends (1992) [Lord Morton, Peter's Father]: Dies (off-screen) of old age/natural causes, in the interim between the opening prologue and the rest of the movie.

Deaths in TelevisionEdit

  • Midsomer Murders: Death's Shadow (1999) [Reverend Stephen Wentworth]: Commits suicide by jumping from the scaffolding around the bell tower, after being cornered by the police. (Thanks to Brian)
  • Monarch Of The Glen S3 E2 (2002) [Hector MacDonald]: Blown up by his own bomb when he pushes a 'boat' with 3 sticks of dynamite with a lit fuse into the loch to lure a killer pike. He ducks behind a boulder but his Spaniel, Useless, swims out and retrieves the bomb and leaves it on the ground as Richard stands up. The dog survives. (Thanks to Brian)

Notable ConnectionsEdit

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