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Richard Bradford in 'Sunset'

Richard Bradford (1934 - 2016)

Film deaths[]

  • Sunset (Catalina) (1988) [Captain Blackworth]: Shot in the chest by Joe Dallesandro, after Richard shoots Jennifer Edwards.
  • Servants of Twilight (1991) [Henry Rankin]: Killed by either one of the cultists, or one of Bruce Greenwood's private eyes.
  • Dr. Giggles (1992) [Officer Hank Magruder]: Killed in a struggle with Larry Drake (who he manages to shoot and wound). He dies as Keith Diamond discovers and struggles to save him.
  • Hoodlum (1997) [Captain Foley]: Throat slit with a switchblade by Laurence Fishburne; he manages to open fire on Lawrence before dying.
  • The Lost City (2005) [Don Donoso Fellove]: Has a heart attack after getting into an argument with his nephew.

TV deaths[]