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Riccardo Petrazzi in Rome Armed to the Teeth

Riccardo Petrazzi (1938 - 2003)

Film Deaths[]

  • The Violent Professionals (Milano trema: la polizia vuole giustizia) (1973) [Hood] Dies when his car crashes into a tree during a robbery gone wrong.  
  • Free Hand for a Tough Cop (Il Trucido e lo sbirro; Tough Cop) (1976) [Henchman]: Shot by Claudio Cassinelli
  • Rome Armed to the Teeth (Roma a mano armata; The Tough Ones) (1976) [Savelli's Henchman]: Shot in the chest in a shoot-out with Maurizio Merli and the other police during a bank robbery.
  • A Man Called Blade (Mannaja) (1977) [Valler Henchman] Shot by Maurizio Merli
  • Escape from the Bronx (Fuga dal Bronx; Bronx Warriors 2; Escape 2000) (1984) [Fighter with Knife] Shot by the security forces.

TV Deaths[]

None known.

Stunt Work[]

As a stunt performer, Riccardo probably "died" in place of other actors; if you know of any specific performers whom Riccardo doubled in death scenes, please list them here.