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Ric Young in The Transporter

Ric Young (1944 - )

aka Eric Young

Film DeathsEdit

  • Invasion (1966) [The Lystrian]: An escaping prisoner, he is killed in the explosion when his rocket pod is destroyed by a missile from the Lystrian rocket ship. (Thanks to Brian)
  • Cyborg 2 (1993) [Bobby Lin]: Killed during a shootout with a hit squad (it’s not clear or not if he died so I might as well list it just in case).
  • Kiss of the Dragon (2001) [Mister Big]: Shot to death by Tchéky Karyo after been stabbed in the stomach by Laurence Ashley with a spiked hairpin/long hair needles (with Karyo then making it look like Jet Li killed him).
  • Double Crossed (2010) [Mr. Han]: Killed by a female assassin (my memory is vague but I recall he died at the end).

TV DeathsEdit

  • Sketch Artist (1992 TV Movie) [Jimmy]: Killed by Tchéky Karyo or Sean Young (my memory is vague but I recall he died at the end).
  • Chain of Command (2000 TV Movie) [Ken Fung]: Shot in the chest/head and stomach/neck by Patrick Muldoon as he’s holding Roy Scheider at gun point (with Patrick shooting through Roy to hit Ric).
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