Reynaldo Rosales dying in Smallville: Reaper

Reynaldo Rosales (1978 - )

TV Deaths[edit | edit source]

  • Charmed: Size Matters (2001) [Finn]: Destroyed with an energy beam by Robert Englund.
  • Smallville: Reaper (2002) [Tyler Randall]: Originally dies after falling out of the hospital building through a window after a struggle with a security guard after he tried to kill his own mother (Rheta Hutton) at her own request. After the fall, he was taken to the coroner's room, where he was found to have meteor rocks in his arm, which made him come back to life just as an autopsy was about to be performed on him. He dies for good when he commits suicide by touching himself, using his death powers that disintegrates him to ash, as Tom Welling unsuccessfully attempts to save him.
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