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Reptilicus (1961)

Directed by Poul Bang (Danish version)/Sidney W. Pink (US Version)


After copper miners discover part of the frozen tail of a prehistoric monster in Lapland, scientists inadvertently bring it back to life.

Male Deaths[]

  • Jørgen Blaksted [Danish Soldier]
  • Mogens Brandt [Police Chief Hassing]
  • Jens Due [Journalist]
  • Børge Møller Grimstrup [Danish Farmer]
  • Egon Gydesen [Danish Soldier]
  • Knud Hallest [Bridge Operator]
  • Knud Hilding [Colleague]
  • Svend Johansen [Danish Soldier]
  • Dirk Melchior [Farmer Eaten/Stomped On by Reptilicus] (see his page)
  • Hardy Rafn [Danish Soldier]
  • Martin Stander [Danish Soldier]
  • Poul Thomsen [Danish Soldier]
  • Benny Juhlin [Danish Soldier]
  • Bent Vejlby [Brandt's Driver]
  • Alfred Wilken [Commander Vanggaard]
  • Ole Wisborg [Captain Brandt]
  • Povl Wøldike [Dr. Peter Dalby]

Female Deaths[]