Renee Olstead in The Midnight Game

Renee Olstead (1989 - )

Film Deaths Edit

  • The Midnight Game (2013) [Kaitlan]: Falls to her death after the Midnight Man pushes her over her balcony, hitting her head on a bench on the way down. Her body is shown when Guy Wilson discovers her. (It's initially led to believe that the events of the film were all a dream, until Guy's initial prediction, that those who fail the Midnight Game are doomed to relive the last moments of their lives, turns out to be true.)
  • Unfriended (2015) [Jess Felton]: Commits suicide by shoving a steaming curling iron down her throat after being possessed by the spirit of Heather Sossaman; this is shown through a Skype video chat on Shelley Hennig's computer as Shelley and Moses Storm watch in horror, though this cuts away before she succumbs. Her corpse is shown in a meme sent to Shelley's computer, reading "LOOKS LIKE SHE FINALLY STFU".
  • The Murder Pact (2015) [Annabel]: Shoved over a stair railing by Beau Mirchoff and falls to her death as Alexa PenaVega and the rest of the partygoers in attendance watch.
  • Feral (2017) [Brienne]: Badly wounded when a monster mauls her face in the woods. Her injury later causes her to become a monster. She is killed by Scout Taylor-Compton off-camera.


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