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Renato Romano in A Minute to Pray, A Second to Die

Renato Romano (1940 - )

a.k.a. Rudy Romans or Raf Valenti

Film Deaths Edit

  • A Minute To Pray, A Second to Die (Un Minuto per pregare, un istante per morire) (1968) [Cheap Charlie] Drowned in oil by Mario Brega.
  • The Bird with the Crystal Plumage (L'Uccello dalle piume di cristallo; The Gallery Murders; Phantom of Terror; Point of Terror) (1970) [Professor Carlo Dover]: Stabbed in the back (off-screen) by Eva Renzi; his body is shown afterwards sitting in a chair when Tony Musante discovers him.
  • The Iguana with the Togue of Fire''(L’Iguana dalla lingua di fuoco) (1971) [Mandel]: Throat slit with a razor by Werner Pochath.
  • The Last Rebel (1971) [Deputy Virgil]: Shot in the chest in a shoot-out with Jack Elam.
  • The French Sex Murders (Casa d'appuntamento; The Bogeyman and the French Murders) (1972) [Mr. Randall]: Stabbed in the back by Howard Vernon after Renato discovers Rosalba Neri's body His body is shown again afterwards as Robert Sacchi and the other police investigate.
  • Seven Blood-Stained Orchids (Sette Orchidee macchiate di rosso; Puzzle of the Half-Silver Moons) (1972) [The Priest]: Drowned in a swimming pool during a struggle with Antonio Sabato.
  • Kidnap Syndicate (La citta sconvolta: caccia spietata ai rapitori) (1975) [Kidnapper] Machine gunned to death by Luc Merenda.
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