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Reggie Bannister in The Rage (1). Raggie Bannister's death in The Rage (2).

Reggieie Bannister (1945 - )

Film Deaths[]

  • Phantasm (1979) [Reggie]: Stabbed in the chest by Kathy Lester (who then transforms into Angus Scrimm). This is later revealed to be part of A. Michael Baldwin's dream; he survives in reality.
  • Wishmaster (1997) [Pharmicist]: Dies of disease caused by Andrew Divoff while George 'Buck' Flower watches in horror.
  • Fallen Angels (2006) [Officer Radar]: Mauled/bitten to death by Christine Hemme when she transforms into her demon-like form while kissing him. (Thanks to Cody)
  • The Rage (2007) [Uncle Ben]: Torn apart/devoured by the mutant vultures, on top of having been mutated, run over by an RV and bashed on the head with a rock by Ryan Hooks . (Thanks to Cody)

Notable Connections[]

  • Mr. Gigi Fast Elk Porter (make-up/special effects artist/producer)