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Reese Witherspoon in Just Like Heaven

Reese Witherspoon (1976 - )

Deaths in Film[]

  • Just Like Heaven (2005) [Elizabeth Masterson]: Temporarily dies in the moment after she flatlines when her breathing tube is disconnected, before she comes back to life due to her spirit rejoining her body. (It initially appears that she's a ghost, but it turns out that her spirit is simply outside her body while she's in a coma.) (It's debatable whether this counts as a death scene or not, but it's listed just in case.)
  • Walk the Line (2005) [June Carter]: Dies (off-screen) after heart surgery. The movie itself ends years earlier, but her death is mentioned in the on-screen text at the end of the movie.
  • Water for Elephants (2011) [Marlena Rosenbluth]: Dies (off-screen) of natural causes; her death is mentioned in Hal Holbrook's narration.

Deaths in Television[]

  • King of the Hill: Hanky Panky (2000; animated) [Debbie Grund]: Accidentally shoots herself when she climbs into a dumpster with a shotgun, planning to ambush Buck and Liz Strickland (voiced by Stephen Root and Kathleen Turner). Her body is shown afterwards when Peggy Hill (voiced by Kathy Najimy) discovers her. The circumstances of her death are revealed in the following episode (High Anxiety).

Notable Connections[]

  • Descendant of John Witherspoon (signer of the Declaration of Independence).
  • Mrs. Jim Toth.