Reed Diamond in The Shield: Pilot

Reed Diamond (1967 - )

Film deathsEdit

TV deathsEdit

  • Her Hidden Truth (1995; TV movie) [Clay Devereaux]: Burned to death when Kellie Martin smashes a kerosene lamp over his head after Reed sets fire to the house in an attempt to kill Kellie and Antonio Sabato Jr..
  • Three Days (2001; TV movie) [Andrew Farmer]: Dies of injuries sustained when he is accidentally run over by a car while pushing Kristin Davis out of the way. He is brought back from the dead when Tim Meadows uses his powers to revive him.
  • ’’’’’Designated Survivor: Fallout (2018)’’’ [John Forstell] Killed in an explosion with his other FBI Agents, when he runs into a subway to warn them about the bomb.

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