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Red Dead Redemption II (2018)

Released on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.


The year is 1899. The era of the Wild West is beginning to come to an end as the federal government asserts its control over the lawless territories. Realizing their fortunes are fading, the notorious Van der Linde gang led by Dutch plots one last major bank robbery that could set them for life. However, the heist goes awry with several gang members dead or captured; the gang is forced to flee across the country with the law pursuing them. Undeterred, Dutch hopes to pull off one last heist and flee the country. However, each scheme ends in failure in one way or another. Dutch's most trusted lieutenant, Arthur Morgan, sees his loyalty to the gang put to the test as he is forced to come to terms with the changing times.

Male Deaths[]

List Incomplete

  • William Abadie (Jean Marc - Determinant)
  • Pico Alexander (Kieran Duffy)
  • Madison Arnold (Tavish Gray)
  • Harron Atkins (Lenny Summers)
  • Matt Ballard (Professor Andrew Bell III)
  • Beau Baxter (Gareth Braithwaite)
  • Ian Bedford (Joe)
  • Andrew Berg (Colm O'Driscoll)
  • Danny Binstock (Willard Wayne)
  • Jeremiah Bitsui (Eagle Flies)
  • Peter Blomquist (Micah Bell)
  • Tommy Buck (Billy Midnight)
  • Teddy Cañez (Flaco Hernandez)
  • Roger Clark (Arthur Morgan)
  • Malachy Cleary (Colonel Favours)
  • Michael Cuddire (Bartholomew Braithwaite)
  • Curzon Dobell (Hosea Matthews)
  • Gibson Frazier (Evelyn Miller)
  • Pailo Heitz (Joaquin Arroyo)
  • John Hickok (Andrew Milton)
  • Greg Hildreth (Archibald MacGregor)
  • Carl Howell (Winton Holmes)
  • Kent C. Jackman (Algie Davison - Determinant)
  • Peter Lettre (Thomas Downes)
  • Blaze Mancillas (Milliken - Determinant)
  • Tim McGeever (Leigh Gray)
  • Adam McNulty (Jimmy Brooks - Determinant)
  • Michael Mellamphy (Sean Macguire)
  • Alfredo Narciso (Alberto Fussar)
  • Jack O'Connell (Slim Grant)
  • Brian O'Neill (Hamish Sinclair)
  • Matte Osian (Emmet Granger)
  • Aaron Phillips (Marko Dragic)
  • Howard Pinhasik (Leopold Strauss)
  • Jim Pirri (Angelo Bronte)
  • Thomas Poarch (Otis Skinner)
  • Frank Ridley (Jim "Boy" Calloway)
  • Andrew Rothenberg (Lindsey Wofford)
  • John Rue (Leviticus Cornwall)
  • Asa Somers (Arturo Bullard)
  • P.J. Sosko (Cleet)
  • David St. Louis (Anthony Foreman - Determinant)
  • Don Stephenson (Edmund Lowry)
  • Brandon Williams (Jeremy Gill)
  • Justin L. Wilson (Elias Green)

Female Deaths[]

  • Ellen Harvey (Catherine Braithwaite)
  • Priscilla Lopez (Gloria)
  • Penny O'Brien (Molly O'Shea)
  • Kaili Vernoff (Susan Grimshaw)