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Ray Walston in 'The Stand'

Ray Walston (1914 - 2001)

Film Deaths[]

  • Caprice (1967) [Stuart Clancy]: Killed (though I don't know exactly how) when he attempts to kill Doris Day.
  • Silver Streak (1976) [Mr. Edgar Whiney]: Falls from a moving train when Patrick McGoohan steps on Ray's hands while he's trying to climb aboard.
  • Galaxy of Terror (1981) [Kore]: Disintegrated by Edward Albert. His spirit then possess Edward who becomes his new host.
  • Blood Relations (1988) [Charles McLeod]: Brain surgically removed (off-screen) by Jan Rubes; his body (obviously a special-effects dummy) is shown afterwards when Lydie Denier discovers him with the top of his head removed.

TV Deaths[]