Ray Milland in The Premature Burial

Ray Milland (1907 - 1986)

Deaths in FilmEdit

  • Payment Deferred (1932) [James Medland]: Poisoned when Charles Laughton puts cyanide in Ray's drink; Charles then buries the body in his garden. (Thanks to Gloria)
  • The River's Edge (1957) [Nardo Henning]: Hit by a truck and knocked off a cliffside road onto the riverbank below. (Thanks to Brian)
  • X: The Man With The X-Ray Eyes (1963) [Dr. James Xavier]: Possibly dies (presumably from blood loss) after tearing his own eyes out due to the side effects oif the serum. (The film ends on a still frame of his eyes out).
  • Frogs (1972) [Jason Crockett]: Dies of a heart attack from fright after being surrounded by an army of frogs. (Thanks to Michael)
  • The Attic (1980) [Wendell]: Beaten to death by his daughter (Carrie Snodgress) after she discovers that he's been faking his paralysis for all those years. (It's been a long time since I've seen this movie, so my memory is hazy on the details.)
  • Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid (1982) [Sam Hastings]: Falls to his death from a window (off-screen), presumably thrown out by Carl Reiner's thugs (though the official explanation is that he accidentally fell while reaching for a liquor bottle). We learn of his death afterwards when Rachel Ward informs Steve Martin. (Ray's role in this film consisted entirely of footage from the 1945 film The Lost Weekend, edited together with new footage featuring Steve. The original character did not die in The Lost Weekend.)

TV DeathsEdit

  • The Darker Side of Terror (1979; TV movie) [Professor Meredith]: Killed by Robert Forster's clone. (Thanks to Michael)


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