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Ray McKinnon, dead, in Justified: Blind Spot

Ray McKinnon (1957 - )

Film Deaths[]

  • The Net (1995) [Dale Hessman]: Killed in a plane crash, when Jeremy Northam and his Praetorians' cohorts hack into his navigation control system making him descend too rapidly thereby colliding into a nuclear power station. (Thanks to Gary and Susan)
  • The Missing (2003) [Russell J. Wittick]: Poisoned to death when Eric Schweig, blows a toxic powder into his face, causing him to bleed continuously from his eyes (for being a bad omen) with Eric then cutting out his heart and burying it off-screen. His body is later seen when Jenna Boyd discovers him sprawled in his wagon beside some hanging live rattle snakes, then again when she shows him to her grandfather (Tommy Lee Jones) and mother (Cate Blanchett), with her grandfather digging up Ray's heart. (Thanks to Gary)

Television Deaths[]

  • Night of the Hunter (1991; TV movie) [Ben]: Executed by hanging. (See Peter Graves' death from the 1955 version.)
  • The Stand (1994; mini-series) [Charles Campion]: Dies from the superflu plague after fleeing from the military facility with his wife (Hope Marie Carlton) and child; he dies in Gary Sinise's arms after crashing his car into a gas station. (See also Curtiss Cook Jr. in the 2020 version.)

Notable Connections[]