Ray 'Crash' Corrigan (in gorilla suit) in 'Nabonga'

Ray 'Crash' Corrigan"

Ray Corrigan (1902 - 1976)

a.k.a. Raymond Benard or Ray Corrigan or Crash Corrigan

Film Deaths[edit | edit source]

  • Flash Gordon (Atomic Spaceship, Rocket Ship, Perils of Planet Mongo, Space Soldiers) (1936) [Orangopoid, a gorilla-like beast]: Stabbed with a spear in a fight with Buster Crabbe.
  • The Ape (1940) [Nabu the Gorilla]: Stabbed with a knife by Boris Karloff.
  • Captive Wild Woman (1943) [Cheela the Gorilla]: Shot by a police officer when the ape rescues the circus lion tamer (Milburn Stone) from the lion and carries him to safety. (The officer mistakenly thought that the gorilla was attacking Milburn.)
  • Dizzy Detectives (1943) [Bonzo the Gorilla]: Body blows up after drinking nitroglycerine. (Played for comic effect).
  • Nabonga (1944) [Samson the Gorilla]: Shot by Barton MacLane; the mortally wounded ape then mauls Barton to death.

TV Deaths[edit | edit source]


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