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Ramsay Ames in The Mummy's Ghost (1). Ramsay Ames rapidly aging in The Mummy's Ghost (2).

Ramsay Ames (1919 - 1998)

Film Deaths Edit

  • Calling Dr. Death (1943) [Maria Steele]: Reportedly killed (I don't know the method nor the killer's identity) (I haven't seen this movie, but the IMDB plot outline report that the movie deals with the amnesiac Lon Chaney Jr. trying to remember whether the killer was himself or somebody else).
  • The Mummy's Ghost (1944) [Amina Mansori]: Rapidly ages to death (as a result of her body "catching-up" to the true age of her reincarnated spirit) while Lon Chaney Jr. carries her into the swamp, where they both disappear under the water.
  • Philo Vance Returns (Infamous Crimes) (1947) [Virginia Bernaux]: Reportedly poisoned. (I haven't seen this movie myself, but I got the information from IMDB's plot synopsis).

Television DeathsEdit

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