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Ralph Fiennes in Red Dragon

Ralph Fiennes (1962 - )

Film Deaths[]

  • Schindler's List (1993) [Amon Goeth]: Executed by hanging. (The depiction of the execution is not accurate, the film shows him not bound down and he is executed with one attempt. The real Amon Goeth's hands were tied behind his back. The executioner twice miscalculated the length of rope necessary to hang Goeth, and it was only on the third attempt that the execution was successful. Although his last words of "Heil Hitler" were accurate). (Thanks to Leanne and Cedric)
  • The English Patient (1996) [Count Laszlo de Almasy]: Dies of an overdose of morphine, administered by Juliette Binoche (with his implicit consent) as a mercy killing. (Ralph is covered with burn make-up for this role.) (Thanks to Leanne)
  • Oscar and Lucinda (1997) [Oscar Hopkins]: Drowned after being trapped inside the church as it sinks into the river. (Thanks to Beth and Cindy)
  • Onegin (1999) [Yevgeni "Eugene" Onegin]: Dies of unspecified circumstances, he later appears as a ghost to his widow.
  • Sunshine (1999) [Ignatz Sonnenschein/Adam Sors/Ivan Sors]: Playing a triple role as three generations of the same family, the grandfather "Ignatz" dies (off-screen) of natural causes; his death is mentioned in the grandson "Ivan's" narration. The father "Adam" is frozen to death by being hanged by his wrists and sprayed with cold water in the yard of the concentration camp in winter. (The son "Ivan" survives the movie.) (Nudity alert: Full frontal and rear as "Adam")
  • The Constant Gardener (2005) [Justin Quayle]: Shot repeatedly (off-screen) by hitmen in the desert; the scene cuts from Ralph sitting in the desert to a scene of his funeral (where Bill Nighy pays his respects and where Richard McCabe's eulogy points out the impossibility of the official "suicide" story), then cuts back to show Ralph waiting as the hitmen arrive.
  • In Bruges (2008) [Harry Waters]: Commits suicide by shooting himself in the mouth, after accidentally killing Jordan Prentice while shooting at Colin Farrell. (With Jordan being a little person, Ralph mistakenly assumed that he'd killed a child and committed suicide out of guilt.) (Thanks to Christina, Jack, Nilescu, ND, and Tommy)
  • The Hurt Locker (2009) [Contractor Team Leader]: Shot to death by an Iraqi sniper during an ambush in the desert. (Thanks to Tommy, ND, Nilescu, Vegeta, and Matthew)
  • The Invisible Woman (2013) [Charles Dickens]: Dies of a stroke (off-screen) sometime between the main story arc and the 1876 scenes; the cause of death is never revealed, but it is assumed to be a stroke by means of historical accuracy.
  • A Bigger Splash (2015) [Harry Hawkes]: Drowned in a headlock by Matthias Schoenaerts at the end of a fight in Matthias and Tilda Swinton's swimming pool; his body is seen again, sat at the bottom of the pool, when Elena Bucci and Tilda discover him the following morning. (Nudity alert: Full frontal and rear)
  • Holmes & Watson (2018) [Professor James Moriarty/Jacob Musgraves]: Playing a dual role, "Jacob Musgraves" is stabbed in the back when John C. Reilly throws the knife with which Ralph had just killed Steve Coogan at him; Will Ferrell says that "He'll be fine" as Will and John leave, but Ralph is shown to have died in the background. "Moriarty" survives the movie. (Played for comic effect.)
  • The King's Man (2021)

Notable Connections[]

  • Son of Mark Fiennes (photographer) and Jini Fiennes (novelist).