Ralph Bakshi (1938 - )


Film DeathsEdit

  • Fritz The Cat (1972; animated) [Pig Cop #1]: Beaten to death by a crowd of crows as they revolt and gang up on him and his partner (Phil Seuling).
  • Heavy Traffic (1973; animated) [Pimp]: Brains bashed in with a lead pipe by Michael (Joseph Kaufmann) after he tries to have sex with Carole (Beverly Hope Atkinson).
  • Coonskin (1975; animated) [Cop With Megaphone]: Shot in the face by Madigan (Frank De Kova) while he's hallucinating.
  • Wizards (1977; animated) [Fritz/Lardbottom]: "Fritz" is accidentally shot to death by his friend Max after he thinks he's an enemy soldier, "Lardbottom" survives.

TV DeathsEdit

  • Spicy City: Sex Drive (1997; animated) [Connelly/Goldblum]: "Goldblum" is electrocuted to death by Virus (Tuesday Knight) with her tongue after getting robotic implants, "Connelly" is killed (offscreen) by Virus after she attacks him and his partner (Matthew Flint).
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