Rae Ritke (1964 -)


Rae Ritke before her death in Cold Case: Blank Generation

TV DeathsEdit

  • Crossing Jordan: Blood Relatives (2002) [Patty Weyland]: Stabs herself to death with a letter opener after murdering her children with the same weapon; her body is shown being examined by police, with her death being shown via flashback later.
  • Cold Case: Blank Generation (2005) [Mrs. Adams]: Commits suicide by shooting herself in the head, due to her husband (Bruce Wright) insulting her in front of her sons (Bug Hall and Katie Walder) during a family dinner in 1978 flashback. (Her character was suffering from depression).
  • Primal Doubt (2007 TV Movie) [Amanda Freeman]: Murdered by Jamie Rose five years prior to the film's events, with her death being staged as a suicide. Her death is shown in the film's opening and again later following Jamie's reveal as her killer.
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