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Rae Dawn Chong in Fear City

Rae Dawn Chong (1961 -)

Film Deaths[]

  • Fear City (1984) [Leila]: Face and throat slashed by the killer on a subway platform; she dies in the hospital some time later. Her death is shown when Melanie Griffith arrives at her hospital room just in time to see the doctors unsuccessfully attempt to resusciate Rae Dawn.
  • Crying Freeman (1995) [Detective Forge]: Killed in a car crash/explosion. (Thanks to Haggis)
  • Hideaway (1995) [Rose Orwetto]: Killed by Jeremy Sisto. (Thanks to Gary and Mihai)
  • Small Time (Waiting for the Man) (1998) [The Woman]: Shot in the back by a thug while trying to seduce another character. (Thanks to G-Man)

TV Deaths[]

Notable Connections[]